• Flight Administration

    We’re responsible for preparing a flight plan, creating ATC flight plans, dispatching the flight and arranging the relevant ground personnel at the end of the flight

  • Aerial photography and videography

    What better way to shoot the sky without being shot in the sky?

  • Contract Pilot Services

    It’s worth it to engage in corporate/ organized air transport, and getting the right flight crew at the right time is crucial



Our idea is that every client is entitled to personalized service.



We’re developing interests and liaisons in Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia in efforts to connect a network of local and international expertise.



A team of professional, multilingual air experts, contactable 24/7/365.


We see the beauty of our work in how we represent our clients.

Paddyman Aviation is a platform based aviation tech firm offering digital services in pilot training, Human Resources, aircraft brokerage, and investments.

Our main service centers on building and managing platforms for

  • Pilot Training
  • Corporate Flight Management
  • Aviation Management

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